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Meet the Board

TRIO Manhattan Chapter's team of volunteer board members supports the transplant community, serving as stewards of the organization’s strategies, activities, finances, policies, events and advocacy efforts.

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                          Ellen Alexis

                        A member of TRIO for more than 25 years Ellen 

                        became involved with the organization
                        following her husband Frank's kidney transplant                                in 1992. As a result of the generosity of his sister Frank had a well functioning kidney until he passed away in January 2018 from Parkinson's Disease.

After graduating from NYU Ellen worked in the social service field as a caseworker and supervisor for the NYC Department of Social Services. She then joined the NYC Department of Probation as a probation officer and then as a supervisor. At the time of her retirement she was the supervisor of an incarceration alternative program at Manhattan Supreme Court.

Using her skills in the social service field Ellen volunteered at what was then the New York Organ Donor Network in resource development for donor families in addition to briefly serving on the board of TRIO Manhattan. She is also a long time volunteer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art working with school groups in the Education Department.

In loving memory of her wonderful husband Frank, Ellen is delighted to join the Board of Directors at TRIO Manhattan in order to help continue  the important work of this organization that has always meant so much to us.


                          Fran Dillon

                          Fran tirelessly coordinates the annual 'Remember                              & Rejoice' non denominational service, where we                              honor our donor families every year, at St.                                          Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue.


Fran is a liver recipient of 30 years and has served as a past President of TRIO Manhattan Chapter.


After retiring from Verizon, where she enjoyed a long career as an account manager, Fran takes pleasure in doing volunteer work for TRIO and for Ronald McDonald House, as well spending part of the winter in Florida.


Fran and her husband, Matt, are long time members of TRIO.

                              Joan Galkin

                         Membership Coordinator

                              After graduating from College with a degree in                                      Psychology, Joan enjoyed a career doing outreach                                  and fundraising in the non-profit arena.  She            

                              experienced renal problems since childhood which became life threatening, necessitating placement on the waitlist for a kidney transplant. Joan was listed at 4 hospitals, in different regions, until she received a kidney at NewYork-Presbysterian/Columbia University Medical Center on November 18, 2006.

Joan joined the Board of TRIO Manhattan Chapter to give back for her amazing ‘gift of life’ by educating and helping others who seek support pre- and post- transplantation. She and her husband, Barry, have been members of TRIO for the last 10 years.

                        Kallyn Krash


                             For 30 years, Kallyn worked at a wonderful                                          elementary school in Manhattan.  She began as a                              7th and 8th grade head teacher, then became the                              Upper School Director, and finally, after her liver transplant, the school librarian.  After a difficult year following her liver transplant at Mt. Sinai 24 years ago – a rejection along with a seizure where she lost her speech – Kallyn is doing remarkably well.  She lives with her husband in northern Manhattan and has the good fortune to enjoy her daughter and her family in Queens.  


Five years ago, after being TRIO member for many years, she joined the board and became the treasurer.  Kallyn feels the group offers a place where transplant people come together who have common concerns and experiences.  “We not only support each other, but as a group help others.”

                             Betsy Morrissey



                        Betsy was fortunate to receive four living renal

                             transplants (3 related, 1non-related) spanning

                             over thirty-seven years. She had just turned

                             fifteen-years-old when in 1981 when she

                             developed acute, end-stage renal failure.  


After undergoing six months of hemodialysis, Betsy’s received a kidney, donated by her mother, at SUNY- Downstate Medical Center. The transplants saved her life more than once, offering her more time with her family.  

Betsy graduated from Adelphi University in 1989 and has held several positions in the medical field including the field of immunology research, and later she completed Cornell Medical School’s Physician Assistant Program and worked in the surgical department at Lenox Hill and NewYork Presbyterian Hospitals.

Betsy has been a member of TRIO since 2001 and joined the Board of Directors in 2015. 

                              Iris Resto

                              Iris, who hails from the Bronx, attended Bronx

                              Community College then worked as a dental

                              claims analyst for 15 years before polycystic

                              kidney disease caused her kidneys to fail. Iris was treated with dialysis for nearly five years until she received a kidney transplant at Montefiore Medical Center in 2007.


Iris is grateful to be able to celebrate 10 years this year, and that is why she volunteers as a board member of TRIO Manhattan Chapter as well as for the organ procurement organization, LiveOnNY. Iris enjoys educating people about organ donation, as well as signing people up for the registry.

                             Tinamarie Sammon

                        Social Media Coordinator

                          Tinamarie Sammon joined the board of directors                                   in the spring of 2012.  She was chapter President   

                           for four years and is currently the chapter’s Social

                           Media Coordinator. Tinamarie keeps our members up to date on everything “transplant” in the news and communicates all of the chapter’s events and advocacy campaigns.


Tinamarie has worked in the healthcare industry for many years and is currently a medical technician at Columbia University Medical Center since 2007.  She studied psychology at the City University of New York College of Technology and received certification as a Phlebotomy Technician and Medical Technician at the New York School for Dental and Medical Technicians.

As a Type I diabetic for more than 29 years, Tinamarie developed Diabetic Nephropathy and received the gift of life from her sister Laura Linton in 2010 via a renal transplant and later in 2011 a deceased donor pancreas transplant.  She is currently studying to complete her degree in Human Services Management.  After graduation Tina would like to pursue a career as a transplant social worker.


                              Ronnie Schwartz

                         co-Vice President

                          Ronnie is thrilled to serve as Vice-President of                                       TRIO-Manhattan Chapter, giving back somewhat,                                 for the gift of life she received at Recanati/Miller                                 Transplantation Institute at Mount Sinai in 1993. She recently celebrated her 25th rebirthday of her liver transplant.


Governor George Pataki appointed Ronnie to the NYS Transplant Council in 1995, where she has continued to serve under 3 subsequent administrations.


Ronnie works as the Memory Quilt Coordinator for organ procurement organization, LiveOnNY, where she helps donor families create quilt squares in memory of their loved ones. Ronnie coordinates with volunteer quilters to have the squares sewn into quilts, which serve as a lasting reminder of the legacy of organ and tissue donors. She also ensures the quilts are available for display at area hospitals and transplant centers, as well as community events.


Before retiring, and then returning to the workforce in her current position in 2007, Ronnie worked as Office Manager at the NYS Department of State for 12 years. Prior to that she was employed in the private sector specializing in business turnarounds.

                            Bethany Stout-Davie


                           Bethany has held the office of President of TRIO Manhattan                                 Chapter since 2018. 

                           She currently serves the organ procurement organization     LiveOnNY as Office Manager and manages the physician education program Project ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes).  


Bethany joined LiveOnNY in 2007. Prior to that she worked for the New York Blood Center in the department of External Affairs.


Bethany brings extensive business experience as a former operations and marketing executive for more than 10 years.

                              Linda Strappazon



                             A twenty year liver transplant recipient, Linda helps

                             support TRIO’s awareness, education and advocacy

                             initiatives.  She believes that education is key to raising

                             transplant/donor awareness.

Linda serves as Office Manager for Women President's Educational Organization where she has worked since 1998 when it was founded by Dr. Marsha Firestone.

Before joining WPEO, Linda was the Office Manager of The Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health. Prior to that she was one of the first female Hertz station managers in Manhattan, and was named Assistant City Manager of Hertz at LaGuardia Airport.


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